Earth Sciences and Engineering Department Overview

At Missouri S&T, we leverage the synergies of our departmental structure, which includes Geology and Geophysics (G&G), Petroleum Engineering (PE), and Geological Engineering (GE) to provide students with a unique interdisciplinary experience. We offer degrees at the B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. levels, as well as graduate certificates in Geotechnics, Military Geological Engineering, Geoanalytics and Geointelligence, Geoenvironmental Science and Engineering, Geologic Hazards, Space Resources, Subsurface Water Resources, Geophysics, and Petroleum Systems. Online offerings include a graduate certificate in Geotechnics and a Masters of Engineering degree in Geological Engineering.


Geological Engineering

The geological engineering program provides students with a combination of engineering problem-solving abilities and expert knowledge of soils, rocks, and groundwater. This combination provides unparalleled career opportunities, ranging from environmental and geotechnical careers, to working in the mining and petroleum sectors. Geological engineers are prepared to tackle projects such as designing waste storage facilities; planning groundwater remediation operations; building tunnels; designing foundations; and running petroleum, gas and mining operations. Finally, many geological engineers work on mitigating natural hazards such as landslides, sink holes, earthquakes and flooding.

Geology and Geophysics

For over 100 years, the geology and geophysics program at Missouri S&T has provided students with a combination of hands-on, problem-solving abilities and an expert fundamental knowledge of the Earth and its critical systems. Geology and geophysics students learn to understand the formation, structure and evolution of the Earth and other planets while exploring for oil, gas, minerals and other natural resources, predicting natural hazards, and protecting our environment.

Petroleum Engineering

The petroleum engineering program at Missouri S&T delivers the research and education that is needed in today’s industry. Our undergraduate PE curriculum requires four key geoscience courses. We additionally emphasize mechanical earth modeling (MEM) within the petroleum curriculum. Our faculty conduct world-class research in areas such as enhanced oil recovery, wellbore integrity, environmental and safety factors, unconventional shale resources, hydrofracking technology, petroleum analytics, and conformance control.

Student Groups

Our students are extremely active in our student groups, including AAPG, SPE, AADE, IADC, SEG, AEG, and AWG. Student competition teams include our Drillbotics student design team, Imperial Barrel Award team, and our PetroBowl team.

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