Geological engineers solve problems using a variety of tools, including outdoor geological observations, engineering design, remote sensing, and computational modeling.

We protect the earth through environmental remediation and sustainable management of natural resources, such as groundwater. We protect humanity by identifying and mitigating natural hazards, such as floods, earthquakes and landslides.

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Your Career in Geological Engineering

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Geological engineering is dynamic and exciting because of the variety of career pathways and projects available. These include, but are not limited to, geotechnical consulting, environmental consulting, water management and planning, petroleum and mining industries, and construction operations.

Career as a geological engineer

As a geological engineer, you might divide your time between field, laboratory and office work. In the field, you might examine and map the extent, structural features, and stability of rocks and soils. You may collect samples for testing of their physical and chemical properties, or you may conduct programs for on-site testing. In the laboratory, you might perform direct testing of strength and permeability, or organize research programs. Office work includes the evaluation of data, computer modeling of geological conditions, writing of scientific reports, and participation in the planning, designing and construction of engineering projects.

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The unique structure of our department benefits our research efforts and provides students with unique opportunities for collaboration and multi-disciplinary understanding.

Research in geological engineering focuses on understanding, characterizing and assessing the shallow subsurface.

Research is offered in areas of interest to the geotechnical and environmental consulting industries and also provides students with a solid foundation for careers in the petroleum and mining sectors.

The geological engineering program specializes in the following research:

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