For over a century, the geology and geophysics program at Missouri S&T has provided students with a great education, hands-on experiences, and opportunities for cutting-edge research all over the world.

Solving For Earth's Resources

Your Career in Geology and Geophysics


For geologists and geophysicists, the complexity of our Earth is an opportunity for constant discovery. Geologists study everything from the origin and evolution of the Earth, to environmental issues that affect the world around us. As a geoscientist, you might explore oil and natural gas resources in the deep ocean, identify adequate sources of water and other natural resources for villages around the world, or help to predict when and where the next earthquake, volcanic explosion or tsunami may happen.

Career as a geologist or geophysicist

S&T graduates in geology and geophysics work for oil, mining and environmental companies, higher education institutions, and state and federal government agencies, such as the U.S. Geological Survey, Missouri Department of Natural Resources and NASA. They travel and work all over the world and tend to have tremendous job satisfaction.

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The unique structure of our department benefits our research efforts and provides students with unique opportunities for collaboration and multi-disciplinary understanding.

Research in geology and geophysics focuses on the understanding and characterization of the Earth's subsurface.

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Research is offered in areas of interest to the mining, petroleum, and environmental consulting and regulatory industries. Fundamental research in this area often involves the development of new technologies and modeling of natural processes.

The geology and geophysics program specializes in the following research:

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